The top travel book for Iceland by Bradt

When I planned my first trip to Iceland I was very curious about this nation and the beauty of the natural landscapes. So, I decided to investigate and plan the trip orienting myself to the advice of those who visited before me the land of the Vikings. Knowing the good quality of the Bradt Editions, I made my choice on the last edition of this travel agenda and when I was sending my order to Amazon, a few days before my birthday, I had the welcome surprise to receive it as a gift from a good friend. I cannot describe my joy at the opening of the gift box, never there was more guessed and useful gift!
I travel for work and spend a lot of time and effort organizing my travel and accommodation. Since my experience goes to my followers in the form of suggestion I can’t afford to make mistakes by highlighting wrong or inappropriate directions.
In this travel planner you will find precise indications regarding catering and accommodation, taking into account that is was published after the eruption of the Eyjafjallajőkul volcano in May 2010, so you can trust 100% of the updates. The territory of the volcano’s surroundings had undergone important variations, without forgetting the economic difficulties that have had to endure the inhabitants of the surroundings. Even today you can see in their eyes the memory of fear and panic they suffered.
Well written, by those who know Iceland well, the book offers you an excellent starting point for your reservations and you will find pictures and maps of good quality.
Invaluable book for those who travel in Iceland. Let yourself be guided by the author, Mr. Andrew Evans, in planning your travel.


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