Save money in travel booking

Edgarda Lepori

Edgarda Lepori

Save money in travel booking

In order to allow consumers considerable savings in the travel and air transport sector, the ARC (Airlines Reporting Corporation) and the Expedia Group travel platform have collaborated for the fifth consecutive year in preparing a report on possible initiatives and suitable advices for travellers aimed at saving when booking flights and tourist accommodation.

The result is a press release, highlighting five small rules aimed at improving the performance of bookings and easier and more efficient management for serial travellers.

The first rule that Travel Pricing Outlook directs us to follow is the booking of flights: in this regard it seems that it is advisable to book one’s trips at least three weeks before departure. The reason lies in the fact that, inevitably, the nearer the date of the journey, the more the costs of the economy and premium class are expected to rise considerably. Between arriving at the last moment, with the consequent risk of not finding a seat or paying an exorbitant price, and booking too early, the middle ground of the three weeks in advance will give you the certainty of finding a place at a good price.

The second rule is a genuine surprise: apparently booking a flight during a weekend, and not during the week, can give you the opportunity to save 20% of the flight price and, hear this, booking on Sunday can save you 36% of the price.
It is reported that the days of the week that you will have to avoid in order to take advantage of a good cost are Thursday and Friday. The only exception to this rule is New Zealand, where Thursday is an ideal day. At the antipodes they therefore reason in reverse.😊

Let’s talk now about hotel reservations, of which Expedia offers opportunities along with flights: the crafty travellers will find the best prices on Friday. Don’t do it on Sunday, it is the worst day.

A clear indication of the best days to travel: starting on Thursday or Friday can save about 10% on flight costs. Avoid leaving on Sundays due to higher prices.
Moreover, including a Saturday night in your stays can save you 25% compared to a trip with early return before Saturday, so staying a little longer than expected for a weekend trip will surely make you happier and give you a small savings. The London – New York route is a classic example of this case, as the air cost of the return can be halved thanks to the Saturday night stay.

As an assiduous traveller I can testify about non-stop flights that are not always very expensive compared to those that include different routes and stops.

Another interesting point: knowing how to book flights at the right time includes a knowledge of the price surplus about carrying baggage with you, which happens with certain airlines. This cost could be a bad last-minute surprise and ruin your trip.
Attention should also be paid to periods when the cost of fuel is significantly increased: that time unfortunately for days and weeks will be the worst to organize a trip.

Finally, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that booking flights, accommodation and car rentals on travel platform for the sole purpose of matching will give you great discounts.
In short, travel but ponder everything calmly.

Text: ©travelinhole.com

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